Wychwood DPF Fluorocarbon Coated Mainline

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DPF Fluorocarbon Coated Mono

The Ultra-Violet composition of this unique line has been engineered at a molecular level to blend in with UV light to create a natural camouflage

Red objects are the first to be absorbed by the light spectrum underwater but it doesn't disappear - red objects would become black and extremely blatant

Naturally, water appears to have a hazy blue colouration due to Ultra-Violet light being prominently present through the water column. By creating a UV pigmented line it has the ability to adapt to the natural light source present underwater and becomes inconspicuous, blending in perfectly to its surroundings.

Fluorocarbon coated for proactive sinking properties

Low memory so that the line follows the contours of the lakebed effectively

Anti-Friction finish for optimum casting potential

Deep purple UV pigmentation reacts with natural light, blending into its underwater surroundings to offer ultimate line concealment

1000 metre spools

Available in 12lb, 15lb & 18lb Breaking Strains