NEW Products and PRE-ORDERS

Here you will find any new products instore and any NEW RELEASES from tackle companies that you can pre-order to ensure you get them as soon as they become available. This way you don't miss out on the latest products from the brands we stock.
E-S-P Cryogen Trig-Hammer Hooks
Regular price £4.49
Korum Snapper Squirmz
Regular price £4.99
E-Sox QC SnapLink Trace Swivels
Regular price £3.79
Reuben Heaton Digital Air/Water Thermometer
Regular price £19.99 Sold Out
Guru Pole Special Ready Rigs
Regular price £2.99
E-S-P Mug
Regular price £4.95
Korum Snapper Squirm Head
Regular price £3.99
Reuben Heaton Timescale Clocks
Regular price £39.99
Korum KDI-R 2 Rod Alarm Set
Regular price £49.99 Sold Out