Sonubaits So Natural - Sweet Skimmer Groundbait 900g

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A Sweet Biscuity Blend Perfect For Skimmers, Bream Hybrids

Sweet Skimmer is the latest mix in our designated non-fishmeal range, So Natural. A beautiful biscuity mix with an irresistible sweet caramel smell. Perfect when targeting skimmers, bream, roach and other silverfish on natural venues including canals, rivers or Stillwater lakes or in situations where a non-fishmeal mix is preferred. Use on it's own straight from the bag or mix with another groundbait from our range.

Contains biscuit, breadcrumb, cereals and sweet enhancers.
Perfect for all species of silverfish in particular skimmers bream.
Use on the pole or feeder.

Mixing Instructions
So Natural Sweet Skimmer is simple to mix, although some consideration is required during the mixing process. Add your water a little at a time while mixing to ensure an even spread of water. A 1pint bait tub filled three quarters of the way should be ample to form a mix that is easily squeezed into a ball ready to be cupped or balled into your swim.