Sonubaits Micro Band'Um Wafters

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As different tactics adapt over time, so does our thinking in regards the best hookbaits in certain situations. When it comes to Method Feeder fishing there has been a definite shift towards ‘accidently consumed’ hookbaits that work together with the weight of your hook to achieve the ultimate in fish hooking potential. Our Micro Wafters have been developed for those situations when you’re looking for a fish to come into your peg and consume the entire pile of bait presented to it, feed and hookbait inclusive. Sonubaits anglers including Des Shipp and Jamie Hughes are both of the mindset a small inconspicuous hookbait can help you hook more fish on the Method.

- Highly attractive ‘Micro’ Wafter hookbaits
- Three colourways in every tub
- Perfect for fishing on a bait band or used on a bayonet