Sonubaits Lava Rocks Yellow

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Lava Rocks can totally transform a Method Feeder.

This clever little addition is best used by shaking some Lava Rocks out into the base of a Method Mould, a little goes a long way so a thin layer is fine. Then put some groundbait or softened 2mm pellets in the Method Mould, then place your hookbait in and add more groundbait or pellets. Firmly press the Method Feeder into the Method Mould and when you release the method feeder the Lava Rocks will be on the top of the feeder.
This means that when your Method Feeder has landed the Lava Rocks cause a big cloud of attraction on top of the feeder enticing fish to feed.

Lava Rocks have a multitude of different uses, the can be added to PVA Bags or PVA stocking they can be put in the middle of groundbait balls or they can be cupped directly into the swim, this is especially productive when fishing the margins.

Yellow (unflavoured) is the brightest of the standard colours and stands out well against a dark lake bed