Ridgemonkey Modular Hookbait Pots

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Hookbait storage just got organised! No more loose jars rattling around in your rucksack with the new Modular Hookbait Pots – designed to screw together with a twist of the hand, the system comes complete with removable internal glug cages and a hard-wearing carry case. 

Perfect for storing all kinds of pop ups, wafters, bottom baits, imitation plastics and much more, with each section featuring a high quality seal so all manner of glugs and flavouring can be used without fear of spillage - the carry case doubles up as a handy stalking pouch while the food grade pots can also be used to store small amounts of tea/coffee/sugar (apply common sense here if they've already been used for hookbaits)... Just enough for a weekend!!


4x 150ml Hookbait Pots

4x Glug Cages

Carry Case

Approximate dimensions: 220mm x 70mm

Available in Green