Ridgemonkey Coolabox Compact 25ltr

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The CoolaBox Compact 25 is perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

At double the size of the CoolaBox Compact 12, the Coolabox Compact 25 is perfect for longer trips, or when you need to keep more items cool. Whether you use the CoolaBox for picnics, camping, fishing trips or for travelling long distances, it’s double insulated wall, PVC seal, and secure locking clips will keep your drinks and snacks secured and cool for up to 48 hours*.

Forgetting your bottle opener is now a thing of the past as the CoolaBox Compact 25 features a built-in bottle opener to the outside of the lid, along with an integrated CoolaBox Freeze Pack** on the inside of the lid to maximise the internal space.

The CoolaBox Compact 25 can hold 24x 330ml bottles or 34x 330ml cans.

* tested at room temperature and opened minimally
** all freeze packs are compatible and interchangeable with the CoolaBox Compact 12

  • Stays cool for up to 48 hours
  • Hard shell and robust design protects contents
  • 25L internal capacity
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Wipe clean inner and outer
  • Holds 24x 330ml bottles, or 34x 330ml cans
  • Insulated, double walled design
  • Sturdy, comfortable carry handle
  • Integrated and removable CoolaBox Freeze Pack (x 2 included)
  • Secure hinged locking clips
  • Double padlock tabs for extra security

Capacity: 25L
Dimensions (internal): 400mm(w) x 260mm(h) x 240mm(d)
Dimensions (external): 470mm(w) x 350mm(h) x 300mm(d)
Weight: 3.90kg