MAP Meat Cutter

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The ultimate meat cutter, the MAP Meat Cutter has revolutionised how the awesome bait is prepared
The design brief for the MAP Meat Cutter was simple; it had to be the easiest cutter on the market to use and we believe we’ve hit that target. Based around a modular system that utilises precision engineered stainless steel cutting blades, pressure is applied evenly to standard-sized tins of meat, meaning you get a better cut with less waste than other cutters. The cutter also features interchangeable blades that mean you can quickly alter the size of the meat cubes produced, allowing you to adapt to how the fish want to feed. Whether you’re a regular user or meat, or just want to prepare amounts as-and-when you need to, the MAP Meat Cutter is the perfect tool for the job.
Available in 6mm or 8mm
Spare blades and case are also available