Korum Shadow Freespool 3500 Reels

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Shadow Freespool Reel

Korum Shadow Freespool reels pack serious power in a compact package. The Shadow is built on high precision gearing that provides a fast-reacting freespool system with a powerful front and rear drag.

  •     5 ball bearing + 1 needle bearing
  •     High accuracy one-way clutch anti-reverse system
  •     Graphite body and rotor
  •     Anti-twist titanium line roller
  •     Oversized aluminium bail with Water Drop Bail Holder
  •     Machined and anodised aluminium spool
  •     Aluminium CNC reel handle with right/left exchange
  •     High accuracy front drag operation
  •     Shallow spool with line-friendly aluminium line clip
  •     Gear ratio 5.1:1

3500 line capacity - 0.25mm/270m. Max drag force 15lb.