Korda Zig Anti Tangle Sleeves

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These anti tangle sleeves have been designed specifically for use with our Zig Kits and are perfect for if you are chopping and changing between different hook links. The Zig Kit comes supplied with one anti tangle sleeve, but it is even quicker to change hook link if you have several of them tied up with a sleeve already threaded on. The Zig Kit Anti Tangle Sleeve has been designed to perfectly fit over the Size 11 QC Swivel that comes with that kit and which fits into the nose of our Zig Floats, and as well as reducing tangles, it also makes sure that your hook link remains in place in the quick change part of the swivel. It is a short sleeve compared to the other ones that we make, is very slim and is translucent, so it does its job but whilst remaining as unobtrusive as possible, which is essential given that it is being fished mid-water. You get ten sleeves in a packet.