Korda Spinner Swivel Size 11

Regular price £4.29

This is the perfect choice for anybody who want less metalware on their spinner rigs. The Spinner Swivel comes in size 11 and simply features a crook on one side of it, onto which the eye of your hook can easily be located and held in place with a Kicker. The other end has a normal swivel eye which a loop of Boom material can easily be crimped to. This simplifies everything and makes it less obtrusive, by doing away with a metal ring as part of the swivel. 

The XX version is designed specifically to be used with larger hook sizes such as 1s and 2s. They have a thicker wire gauge than the original version and should be used in conjunction with the new XL Kickers which will sit snugly over the crook and the larger eye of the bigger size hook.

They are sold in packs of twelve with a Ring Swivel version also available.