Korda Large Rigsafe

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Rig Safe

- Magnetic rig case
- Can store rigs of 12 inches or longer
- Double-ended design allows 90 rigs to be stored
- Features a soft-touch rubber over moulded finish with ruler for rig tying

The Korda Rig Safe has been specially designed for the safe storage of all your rigs. Your hook link and hook are vital parts of your set up and need to be looked after, especially with the needle-sharp, touched-up points that anglers favour today. With rigs tied up you can easily store them by attaching the hook to the bar and they are kept straight and tidy by pinning the other end down.

With plenty of space to keep well over 50 rigs, you'll always be prepared!
A three-section store allows you to keep items such as the rig pins, swivels or Kwik Links in. The Rig Safe is made from practically indestructible ABS plastic, which should help it last a lifetime.