Korda Probe Marker Leads 3oz & 4oz

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This lead is specifically designed for feature finding and gives far more ‘feel’ than a conventional lead. The unique, uncoated shape transmits more vibration back to the rod, especially with a braided line, and helps you to work out exactly what is in front of you, what the lakebed is made up of, and how clear it is. The lack of coating also makes it easy to spot the type of bottom that you have been pulling it across – whether that be scratches from lumpier bits of gravel, or clay residue left on the lead when you retrieve it. Whilst the shape is allows you to feel a lot more, it is also streamlined enough that it can easily be pulled through weed and won’t continually get caught up, and in that type of scenario it is a better choice than our pronged Marker Leads. Each packet contains two leads, one 3oz and one 4oz version – heavy enough to be cast a long way and also to better feel what they are being pulled across.