Korda Mini Rig-Safe Combi

Regular price £24.99

The Mini Rig-Safe Combi is made from high impact plastic and is incredibly strong, plus it is finished in soft touch rubber to allow a good grip in wet conditions. The clever magnetic locking system ensures that it can’t come open during transit, but there are no latches to fiddle about with top open and close it when you have cold hands!

It features the specially machined, ridged aluminium bar that is found on the other Rig-Safe models, and is designed to retain your hooks in perfect condition and keeps them razor sharp, plus the way it has been made ensured that curved shrink tube and ‘kickers’ stay the correct shape during storage.

  • Holds up to 30 pre-tied rigs
  • 12 compartments for easy storage of end tackle
  • Strong compact design
  • Includes 20 pins & 15 double pins
  • Suitable for hook sizes 2-12