Korda LongChuck Tapered Mainline Green

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The green version of the Long Chuck Tapered Mainline has been introduced into the Long Chuck family for those anglers that prefer some colour in their line over the standard clear.

Long Chuck Tapered Mainline has been designed for casting at range in situations where you want to fish straight through without a leader knot – especially useful in weedy venues where that can gather around the knot and present problems under the rod tip.

The Long Chuck Tapered Mainline comes on a 300m spool, and at each end of that it features an 8m section of 0.47mm (30lb) diameter line designed to take the force of the cast - as well as offering good abrasion resistance when playing a carp – plus a 2m tapering section down to whichever diameter of mainline you have chosen. It is exactly the same at both ends, so should you experience a cut-off, you can simply reverse the line on your spool and use it again.

This tapered mainline features the same properties as the Long Chuck mainline, with ultra-low stretch to help compress the rod (heavy mono is typically quite stretchy and hampers the cast); low water absorption; lightweight for its breaking strain and a high breaking strain to diameter ratio to reduce drag.

It comes in a choice of 12-30lb (0.30-0.47mm); and 15-30lb (0.33-0.47mm).

Key features

  • Designed specifically for fishing at long range
  • Ultra-low stretch
  • Very low water absorption
  • Green mono line
  • High breaking strain to diameter ratio
  • 300m reversible spool with leader integrated leader on each end