Korda Hook Klip Medium

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The ability to quick change your rig components has never been so popular in modern day carp fishing. The prominence of the spinner-style quick change mechanism is one of the reasons why that particular rig set-up is extremely prevalent in the modern-day carp scene.

These Hook Klips incorporate those same QC features but transpose them to many other styles of rig. Whether that’s a Blowback Rig for bottom baits or IQ D rig for wafters, these small metal latches make changing your hook quickly, an extremely easy process, whilst maintaining the mechanics of your chosen rig. 

The eye of the Hook Klip is situated in the direction of the kicker to allow it to be pushed over without tearing and will sit discreetly out of sight. When the time comes to change your hook, simply slide back the kicker and unclip the old hook and replace with a new one.

Hook Klips are extremely durable, with a black nickel-plated coating. They can be used with monofilament or braid, making them the perfect addition to a multitude of rigs uses.

Come supplied in packs of 10.