Korda Dark Matter Swivel Balancing Weights

Regular price £5.99

Each is made from pure tungsten and precision engineered to create a counter balance for buoyant hookbaits!

Perfect for spinner, chod and hinge-stiff rigs, these are a great alternative to using putty - and they can be quickly changed if required.

There are five to choose from, including a mixed pack.

Please note that these are designed to fit all KORDA size 11 swivels, and can be a little tight as tungsten offers no flex at all.

We wouldn't recommend using these with other manufacturers' swivels as they may not fit.

10 per pack.

The mixed option contains 15, 3 of each size.


  • Interchangeable
  • Pure Tungsten
  • Ideal for Chod, Hinge-stiff and Spinner Rigs
  • Great size-to-weight ratio
  • Counterbalance most pop ups/hookbaits
  • Can be reused over and over
  • Good alternative to putty
  • Fits all Korda Size 11 swivels