Korda Dark Matter Nano Tubing

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Constructed from the same materials as the extremely popular Dark Matter Tubing but with a thinner outer diameter and a smaller bore, making the Nano version perfect for long distance casting.

Nano Tubing is 30% thinner than the original version, making it more supple, whilst reducing drag when casting.

As per its bigger brother, the Nano version is impregnated with tungsten granules, helping it mould to the contours of the lakebed.

With its smaller bore, Nano Tubing can be used with line up to 0.40mm diameter and available in two versions: weed and silt. Supplied in packs of 2m.

To compliment the Nano Tubing a Dark Matter Nano Tail Rubber is also available, with smaller bore and slimmer profile to match the characteristics of the tubing.

Key features

  • Soft, supple and super heavy
  • 30% thinner than normal DM tubing
  • Impregnated with tungsten
  • Suitable for lines up to 0.40mm
  • Used in conjunction with Nano Tail Rubber