Korda Compac Weigh Sling

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Designed to aid weighing carp accurately, the Korda Compac Weigh Sling is constructed from a lightweight, quick dry, fish friendly material. The base of the sling features multiple drainage holes which ensures water exits quickly when weighing fish. 

The sling also boasts buoyant foam in the bars, making it easier to transfer your landing net into the sling when safely lifting carp out of the water. Although the buoyant bars float on the surface of the water, this is a weigh sling only and should not be used to retain fish for any period.

The perfectly shaped cut-out grab handles help when transferring the weigh sling to your mat. The sling also features durable, metal weighing loops and quick release zips. Comes complete with waterproof stink bag, providing the perfect end-of-session storage solution.

Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm.