Korda Compac Organiser

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For those of you who prefer to store your terminal tackle in our COMPAC Range of pouches and not a Tackle Box/Tackle Safe, the new COMPAC Organiser is the perfect solution as it will ensure you can find what you’re looking for, when you need it! The COMPAC Organisers are ideal for anyone who regularly finds themselves in different fishing situations where different terminal tackle and tactics are required, as you can quickly grab whichever COMPAC you’ve loaded with the right gear, knowing you’ll have everything you need for that session. There is enough space for larger items such as marker floats, our PVA Funnel Web System, Krusha, Kutter, Zig Line, Zig Floats, and all manner of other items, which are stored in the bottom of the system underneath a removeable tray, which neatly sits on the top. This tray has been specifically designed to accommodate items such as the Kamakura hooks, all of the Korda square spools of hook link material, plus Accessory Boxes, along with other items, and the dividers can be removed so you can store things however you prefer. A large zipped mesh pocket in the lid is split into four compartments(three smaller ones within the main one) and is perfect for storing packets of smaller items such as swivels, hooks, Kickers, tail rubbersor anything of a similar sizeLike all of the other pouches in the COMPAC range, it is made from high quality, durable, lightweight EVA, with a zipped, transparent lid, to help ensure that the contents stays dry whilst being easily accessible. It also has a handle to allow you to pick it up and move it easily.