Korda Carp Care Kit

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The Korda Carp Care kit contains two essential products that will maintain the health and well-being of fish after capture.

Ulcer Swab: an antiseptic which can be used to clean open wounds and ulcers, preventing them from becoming infected with bacteria or fungus.

Propolis: a natural product with antibiotic properties which can be used to treat open wounds and ulcers, as well as hook holds, lifted scales and damaged fins.

To treat fish:

  1.  Carefully wash away any dirt or debris from the area to be treated.
  2.  Dry the wound with a clean cloth or hand towel
  3.  Apply enough Ulcer Swab to cover the affected are, taking care to avoid the gills and eyes.
  4.  Finally, seal the wound by coating it with a layer of Propolis to create a long-lasting waterproof barrier.

Supplied in a handy carry pouch.