Holy Mackerel Pilchard & Crab Oil 120ml

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The Holy Mackerel Fish Oil is an excellent option for all bait anglers and will help add enticing scent attractants to your baits.

This range is made from 100% unrefined pure fish oils, designed to entice even the most weary species! These oils are great for both fresh and salt water applications.

The oils are extremely versatile and can be used for almost all fishing methods as you can use them to add a scent to ground baits, lures, deadbaits and more!

You can easily inject the oils into deadbaits for a slower release as well as soaking ground-baits or added to a method mix for that extra scent. These oils will be perfect for attracting anything from tope to pike and even carp!

The Holy Mackerel Fish Oil is available in a range of scents and each bottle is 120ml with a nozzle for easy application.

Shake well before use
Extremely strong smell
120ml bottle with nozzle
Not fit for human consumption