Guru Pole Special Ready Rigs

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The strength rating of these rigs makes them suitable for bream, skimmers, roach and all other silverfish.

Barbed hooks are suitable for rivers, canals, natural stillwaters and lakes that allow them.

Spade end hooks give the angler the perfect presentation when using natural baits.

These rigs are most suitable for float fishing.

  • Pole Special black nickel micro barbed hook
  •  Perfect hook size to line strength ratio
  •  Perfectly tied whipping knot to secure hook to rig
  • Figure of 8 loop for easy connection

Ideal for the following baits:

Maggots, Pinkies, Worms, Bloodworm & Squat

Sizes Available:

16 to 3lb line

18 to 2lb line

20 to 1.5lb line

8 rigs per pack