Guru Hybrid Pellet Feeder Small 30g

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Made from extra tough Hybrid material, these enable accurate bait and feed presentation, delivering a hook bait right on the mouth of the feeder amongst the feed!

The feeders come inline, but are fully compatible with the whole X-Change System, so they can also be used elasticated.

Holes and vents have been strategically positioned for optimum bait release!

Being weight forward in design, the feeders are extra accurate for casting, and great for fishing at distance.

They can be used with a variety of baits. Soaked 2mm or 4mm pellets are favourites, but groundbait and maggots also work well, and even chopped worms and soil!

Perfect all year-round for F1s, carp, bream and skimmers on all kinds of waters - especially commercials when fishing up against islands or to other features.

30g Small