Guru Aventus 2.7m F1 Landing Net Handle

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A super slim and incredibly lightweight handle that has superior strength! This has been achieved by using thicker carbon walls that give the landing net pole superb strength, while enabling it to remain extra thin and responsive. All the power in this handle is created from the inside with this design!

This pole is intended primarily for F1 sport, silverfish work and canal fishing where a short, slim and lightweight handle helps anglers be efficient, agile and comfortable. The likes of Andy Bennett had a big hand in the testing and development of this product. 

While testing the pole, a lot of our anglers also found the handle was perfect for use when netting lots of smaller fish sat out in the water when speed fishing, with Steve Ringer putting it to good use in the Feedermasters Final at Tamar Lakes. Because it’s so short and lightweight, it doesn’t get in the way and is easy to position when wading etc. 

Again, the thread is extra strong and double pinned for ultimate strength, and the joint is fully re-enforced.