Gardner Subterfuge Super Stiff Fluorocarbon Hooklink

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Unsurpassed as a stiff fluorocarbon, Subterfuge Super Stiff lends itself to tying fantastic combi links, invisible stiff link booms and a myriad of other advanced rig applications.

Due to its awesome abrasion resistance and overall strength and density, it has proven popular on venues where ‘cored’ leaders have been banned or sharp features can cause ‘cut offs’.

  • Subterfuge is nearly invisible under the water; its refractive index is almost identical to water which means virtually no light reflects of its surface.
  • All Subterfuge is extremely user friendly and knots bed down more easily without the ‘pig-tailing’ that occur with other lines.
  • The unique multi-directional polymer structure gives reinforced strength on the knot unlike other fluorocarbons, which have uni-directional structures and break easily on the knot.
  • Available on 15m spools in 22lb.
  • Colour: Ultra Clear.

Subterfuge Super Soft is also available.