Gardner Specimen Rigs

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The perfect choice for the multi-species angler who wants a general rig to suit his flexible angling style. Since the introduction of Target 10lb Speciskin it has become apparent that this fantastic material can be utilised in an effective multi-species rig.

A classic combi-rig, using the legendary, ever-reliable, Talon Tip hook/knotless knot combination.

  • Strong enough to cope with big Carp in open water or hard fishing Barbel, but also subtle enough to be used by specimen hunters and pleasure anglers wishing to use ultra effective modern presentation with species as diverse as Chub and Bream in rivers or lakes.
  • Looped end enables use with either Q-Rings or Kwik Lok Swivels for quick and easy swap of rigs when necessary.
  • The well established Talon Tip hook is excellent for fishing any bottom bait over gravel as the inturned point reduces the likelihood of the point being damaged before the fish picks up your bait.
  • Target 10lb Speciskin is the ultimate colour disguise hooklink. The subtle camo fleck of the brown inner braid and superb low visibility dark olive outer ensure unparallelled presentation in various situations.
  • The Specimen Rig incorporates a small ‘stripped’ section of hooklink near the hook to allow free movement of the bait and enhanced hooking efficiency.
  • Tied in the UK to guarantee the highest standards. Always reliable and easy to use, our ready tied rigs are the convenient way to ensure ultimate presentation. Our rig tiers are real anglers who take great pride in their work, paying incredible attention to detail and taking the time and effort so you don’t have to.
  • Available in Size 10 and Size 12, Barbed or Barbless.

Tip – for best results, always balance your hookbait to the size of hook you are using.