Gardner Pin Down Flying Back Leads 4g

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These concave faced flying back leads are designed slide on your mainline, pinning it down to the lake bed, hiding it from carp that are swimming or browsing in the area your fishing. Fish feed much more confidently when they are not aware of line nearby.

  • Thread the back lead onto your main line with the ‘fat’ end facing the rig. During the cast, the concave face creates air resistance helping the back leads to separate from your terminal tackle during the cast.
  • Line-friendly plastic bore reduces friction and protects the line.
  • Anti-glare dark finish.
  • Non toxic.
  • 6 leads per pack.
  • Available in size: Small= 4g, 

Top Tip: For extra control use a stop knot up the line to set how far the back lead flies away from the rig during the cast.