Gardner Maggot/Bait Box Tub

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These Gardner maggot/bait tubs are an essential angling accessory and ideal for carrying most types of bait.

They are made in the UK and supplied with a positive fitting perforated lid.

Each of the three different sized tubs features a volume level indicator moulded on the side in 1 pint increments.

The opaque perforated lids clicks nice and securely into place – a small but extremely important detail when it comes to avoiding unnecessary spillage when you’re preparing for a fishing trip or simply moving swims.

These bait tubs have a 16.5cm x 16.5cm base and are available in three sizes/heights:

  • 1.5 pint: 50mm high
  • 2.5 pint: 80mm high
  • 3.5 pint: 110mm high

Tub colour: Matt black