Gardner Hardball Bait Saver

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Gardner ‘Hard Ball’ Bait Saver is a tough high diameter supa-shrink tube for wrapping hook baits to protect them from bait stealing Crayfish, Mitten Crabs and Poisson Chat.

Hard Ball tubing is quick and simple to use:

  • Select the right size tube to fit over the boilie being used.
  • Cut tube to same width as bait – open ends allow flavour release.
  • Steam tubing over boiling kettle (take care not to burn yourself) – use a baiting needle.
  • Mount the Hard Ball hook-bait on hair by piercing tubing for strongest attachment.

Guide for bait size and Hard Ball Bait Saver type needed:

  • Small Hard Ball Bait Saver shrink tube is best suited for boilies 12-20mm diameter.

*Top Tip – use a hole punch to form holes in the tubing for extra leakage of attractors from shrink wrapped hook baits.