Gardner Drop Out Chod Safety Clips

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Sometimes when trying to work out a solution to an angling problem the answer can be found right under your nose!

For several years we have been trying to come up with a solution to creating a reliable lead discharge system for helicopter rigs – a system that would be more reliable than simply tying a few overhand knots in a piece of 3lb or 4lb monofilament which we found inconsistent and unreliable.

The main problem was simply that we were trying to come up with a single item that would drop the lead at a controlled discharge pressure whilst retaining the lead during the cast. Naturally the component would have to cope with the similar dynamic forces during the cast as occur when you get a bite! This was a paradox that we found hard to solve.

The Drop Out Chod Clips are basically preformed ’C’ shaped clips that deform at a given force. Each packet contains a full sprig of clips that has 12 pieces of each of the two weight rated clips.

  • Light clip release pressure = approx. 3lb
  • Heavy clip release pressure = approx. 6lb