Gardner Covert Tungsten Hook Link Sinkers

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These high density Covert Tungsten Link-Sinkers have been developed to effectively add weight to ‘pin down’ hooklinks or leaders.

The Covert Tungsten Link-Sinkers have been sized specifically to offer the optimum balance between size and weight, with focus being making them both large and heavy enough to actually offer the weight needed to effectively settle most hooklinks flush to the lake bed.

They are also an ideal base to mould Tungsten Putty around if you’re balancing pop up rigs, and will not move or fall off during normal usage.

Unlike small pieces of Tungsten Putty (Critical Mass) these sinkers will not be easily removed by crayfish.

Link-Sinkers are manufactured with the densest tungsten polymer compound available.

Tungsten Sinkers are available in 2 different bores:
Low Bore – these have a 0.20mm internal bore that has been designed for use on monofilament.
High Bore – these have a 0.50mm internal bore for use with skinned hooklinks, leadcore leaders and leadfree.

  • Covert Tungsten Sinkers are 7.5mm x 2mm.
  • 12 beads per packet (mounted on wire sprigs).

*Always moisten before carefully sliding these Link-Sinkers onto the chosen line or leader to maintain the correct level of grip.