Gardner Covert Tungsten Hinge Beads

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These weighted Covert Tungsten Hinge Beads have been designed for use with size 12 QC or XT swivels, sliding down the hook section, securing the hook section in place on the swivel and incorporating a second hinge point at the top of the swivel that gives chod/hinged hook section extra movement making them potentially even more effective.

The internal features means that the bead sits neatly over the top half of the swivel, keeping everything flush and tidy, without inhibiting the essential rotational movement needed for optimum rig efficiency. This common sense design makes them ideal for use with all variants of hinged stiff rigs, quick change chod rigs or even as a tweaked Ronnie.

There are 2 options related available, related to their weight.

The ‘standard’ Hinge bead has been specified to be perfect for use with most shop-bought pop ups, in combination with reasonable sized hooks, i.e. size 4, 5 or 6 on 2-3 inch hook sections.

The ‘heavy’ version is made specifically for counterbalancing custom and high buoyancy hookbaits, like cork balled pop-ups or superior high buoyancy ready-made pop ups.

*Remember that it’s vital that chods and hinge rigs, with pop up hookbaits are buoyant enough to hold the hook section up straight for the full duration of time they are in the water as poor pop ups can lead to hook pulls on this style of rig.

Of course, you can also use these on a Ronnie or long shank Ronnie style setup. Using these on a QC style swivel gives the hook that little bit extra free movement, a little more like a 360 rig.

The beads are simplicity to use. Just slide onto the hook section and then loop the hook section onto your swivel and slide the bead down, securing the hooklink in place and balancing the hook bait. To fine tune the sinking rate of your presentation you can trim the bead down or add a little Tungsten putty until it sinks ‘just right’.

This system also makes changing hooks quick and simple.

Manufactured from a weighted tungsten polymer compound.

  • Tungsten Hinge Beads are 8mm x 4.8mm.
  • 8 x beads per packet.