Gardner Covert Maggot Clips

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Gardner Maggot Clips are the fastest, easiest way of mounting bunches of maggots on a variety of ultra effective big fish rigs.

  • Anti-glare black finish reduces visibility under water.
  • Lightweight wire and sharp fine point reduce damage to maggots when threading them onto the Maggot Clip.
  • Simple to use – open up clip and thread on maggots (no needle and thread required!), close and cast….
  • Maggot Clips are perfect for use on conventional hair rigs, or in conjunction with more advanced hook set ups.

Tip – Thread a couple of buoyant fake maggots on the Maggot Clip to aid presentation by balancing the hook setup.

Tip – Try hooking on small Micromesh PVA bags of maggot before casting to focus feeding activity on the hook bait.

IMPORTANT – for fish safety ALWAYS ensure the Maggot Clip is ‘closed’ before casting out.

Available in Mini (8mm) or Standard (10mm)

10 clips per pack