Gardner Covert Hook Aligners

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COVERT Hook Aligners have been developed by Gardner to improve and enhance the effectiveness of many rigs without being large and bulky. An important consideration when it comes to hooking mechanisms that it seems has been overlooked by our competitors!

How do they work?

The size, length and angle of the kicker has been specified so that they force the hook to twist more aggressively when the hook bait has been mouthed or inhaled by a feeding carp. Because of this rigs that incorporate a Hook Aligner on the hook will react faster and hook holds will be positioned in the bottom lip or scissors. These Hook Aligners also ensure that the hook twists effectively which ever direction the fish approaches the hookbait. This means you will hook and land more fish…

Use them with a wide variety of rigs and with almost any soft hooklink, whether that is monofilament, braided or skinned hooklinks.

COVERT Hook Aligners are quick and easy to use – without need to steam, shrink or shape before use! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Thread the Hook Aligner onto the hooklink using a baiting needle.
  • We find it is easiest with a Braided Hair Needle as it doesn’t catch pulling through the rubber compound used in their manufacture.
  • Position the Hook Aligner (as shown on the diagram) by pushing the Hook Aligner up over the hook eye.
    *To ensure that rigs incorporating the Hook Aligners work to their full potential, always make sure that the curve of the Hook Aligner faces inwards lining up with the hook point.

Other information:

  • Hook Aligners are currently available in C-Thru Green, C-Thru Brown and Black (Silt).
  • Large Hook Aligners are best suited for use with size 2 to 6 hooks.
  • Small Hook Aligners are designed to work with hook sizes 8 to 12 hooks.