Fox Edges Super Wide Gape In-turned Eye

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The Super Wide Gape has been born from many long discussions with our consultants and other highly experienced anglers. The idea that keeping the gape as wide as possible when constructing a rig will result in more hooked carp is highly favoured among many anglers and as such we set about designing a hook with a gape increased even further than our hugely popular Wide Gape and Stiff Rig hooks. Enter the “Super Wide Gape”, a hook with a long wide sweeping bend, super sharp beaked point and a gape wider than any hook we have used previously. In tests it has proved that even on the simplest of figs, this hook is a unbelievable fish catcher. With such a wide gape once the fish has sucked the rig in, upon ejection there is so much hook point exposed that the chances of it catching hold are vastly increased, allowing you to worry less about rig mechanics and more about getting the rig on the right spot.

  • Super wide gaped version of the Wide Gape beaked point Edges hook
  • Increased gape leaves point more exposed to penetrate in the fish’s mouth
  • Perfect for many different bottom bait and pop-up presentations
  • Beaked point helps reduce hook pulls and makes it perfect for fishing bottom baits on hard gravel
  • Super sharp
  • Arma Point technology
  • 10 degree in-turned eye
  • Non-reflective dark coating
  • Super strong yet lightweight XC81 Vanadium forged steel construction
  • Available in sizes: 6, 5, 4 and 2