Fox Edges Running Safety Clip Kit

Regular price £5.99

The Edges Running Safety Clip features a unique plug insert which sits inside the body of the clip. When a fish is hooked the clip will discharge from the plug but remain on the line turning it into a running rig. This ensures the carp can’t use the force of the weight to shake the hook and you don’t lose your weight every time.

  • Safety Clip style setup designed to hook the fish “bolt rig” style then eject from plug creating a running setup
  • Supplied with; 5x Safety Clips, Tail Rubbers, Plugs, T pegs, Kwik Change Swivels
  • The Kwik Change Swivel is held inside the rubberised plug with a T peg
  • The plug is pulled inside the safety clip
  • The Tail Rubber holds the weight in place
  • Once hooked the fish can’t use the weight to eject the hook
  • The plug creates the perfect grip to give the weight enough force to hook the fish once the rig is picked up
  • Loose less weights as the safety clip is not fixed in place
  • Safe setup, as weight and clip are free running once a fish is hooked
  • Perfect for heavily pressured venues where the fish are used to ejecting rigs
  • Available in “Edges Camo” colour