E-S-P Nut Drill 6mm

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The Nut Drill and matching diameter Cork Sticks are designed for drilling out tiger nuts and boilies to create a buoyant or wafter hookbait.

The drills are made to our own specification using high-grade stainless steel. The drills have a sharp pilot point and leading edge, so clean holes can be drilled without the risk of splitting or damage, even in relatively soft or fragile baits. The ergonomic high-vis moulded handles fit nicely in the hand, allowing smooth rotation, but will not roll when placed on a flat surface, such as a tackle box lid.

By altering the length of cork stick used, different levels of buoyancy can be achieved from just counterbalanced, slow sinking to extra buoyant perfect pop-ups, especially important for chod rigs.

  • High-grade stainless steel drill
  • Sharp pilot point and leading edge
  • Ergonomic high-vis moulded handles
  • Nut drill comes with matching cork sticks