Drennan Waggler Range Catapult

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Waggler Range Catapults

As the name suggests these catapults are ideal for loose feeding a wide range of baits within waggler range. 

There are two catapults in the range, a medium elastic, and light elastic version.  The light elastic is ideal for accurate medium-range loose feeding, whilst the medium elastic is ideal for longer distances. 

Both come with a mesh pouch and nylon pull cord allowing the angler to grip firmly even with wet or cold hands. 

They each have a rubberised grip and with the elastic exiting via the top of the catapult, they can be fired from any angle, allowing the angler to concentrate on the float.

The Range:

  • Waggler Range - Light Elastic
  • Waggler Range - Medium Elastic

Key Features

  • Medium elastic is ideal for feeding at long range
  • Ergonomic nylon pull cord allows grip with wet or cold hands
  • Designed for maximum accuracy
  • Super strong and durable pouches
  • Rubberised grip
  • Can be fired from any angle