Drennan Winder Bungs

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Produced in an extra tough, ultra light material.

Each Winder Bung will hold numerous turns of elastic, allowing small lengths to be let out or wound in and precise adjustments to be made to the tension of your pole elastic. The Medium will even hold a several turns of larger diameter Drennan Carp Bungee hollow elastic.

The winder section has a dovetail joint, which allows it to be separated from the tapered bung and reassembled with ease if necessary. The tapered cone section also has a small drainage channel in each side to prevent water becoming trapped inside the top sections.

  • Small - Green, 1.7g, three per pack (12.5mm to 15mm)
  • Medium - Blue, 2.5g, two per pack (15.5mm to 20mm)

1 extractor rod per pack