Drennan Acolyte P.T.F.E Coated Finesse Spade End Hooks Barbless

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Due to the development of new materials and new processing techniques, large eyed hooks have improved significantly in strength and durability. Unfortunately the improvements could not be applied to fine wire spade ends... until now! After nearly 3 years of development we have overcome all the technical problems and can offer fine wire spade ends which are significantly stronger with more durable, long-life needle points. These hooks are a real game changer!

The Acolyte Finesse Barbless hooks lend themselves to commercial waters where bites are particularly finicky. Silver fish during the winter can register incredibly shy bites and require ultra-light presentation.

The Range:

  • Size 18 (0.30mm)
  • Size 20 (0.27mm)
  • Size 22 (0.23mm)


  • Ultra durable
  • Ultra strong
  • Barbless
  • Super sharp long lasting needle points
  • Spade end
  • Forged
  • Ten hooks per packet
  • P.T.F.E Coating
  • Ideal for commercial winter fishing