Coghlans Mosquito Coil Holder & Coils

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If you like to enjoy the outdoors, you have probably tried to live with the presence of mosquitoes. You will either have to suffer through getting bites or you will need to put some kind of lotion or spray on your body which leaves you feeling greasy.


This is an easy and convenient way to get rid of mosquitoes without the mess. Burning Mosquito Coils is completely safe, even if overturned, the glass fibre nets hold the coil firmly.

The efficient design allows the coil to burn completely.

Even small or broken pieces can be used. Its versatility allows you to hang it up or lay it flat and the ash stays in the holder. Stay safe from disease that mosquitoes carry.

  • Safe even if overturned - glass fibre nets hold coil firmly
  • Efficient design allows coil to burn completely
  • Versatile - hang it up or lay it flat
  • Ashes remain in the holder
  • Height: 5.500 in.
  • Length: 0.750 in.
  • Material: Glass Fibre
  • Number in Package: 1 Coil Holder ( Coils available seperately )

Mosquito Coils

  • Insect Repellent Coils
  • Metal Stand Included
  • 10 Coils Per Pack