Catmaster Lynch Rig

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Catmaster’s new Lynch Rig finally resolves the problem of fishing leeches below the surface and at any depth.  Designed and made exclusively for Catmaster Tackle by Dazzer Catman Wickson, this rig has been tried and tested over the last two seasons with great success.  It enables the modern catfish angler to present leeches either on the surface or close to the lake bed, without the inherent problems of the leeches “latching on” and therefore becoming ineffective when fished at depth. 

To get the best presentation and to prevent tangles, always make sure your hookline is shorter than the tubing and immediately pull off approx 6 inches of line when the rig hits the lake bed.  This will prevent the leeches from latching onto any bottom debris.  You van then simply pull off more line to pop them up to the required depth you wish to fish, or right up to the top to fish your leeches on the surface. 

Supplied in a free storage tube