Berkley Powerbait Jig Minnow Kit

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The Berkley Pro Pack - Jig Minnow contains a perfect combination of sizes and colours for all round jigging for perch and zander. The different jig head weights make it possible to adjust to different circumstances; from street fishing to river fishing. Available in a Clear Water or Murky Water version.

  • Contents: 2 x Sneak Shad 7.5cm, 2 x Hollow Belly 10cm, 2 x Sneak Minnow 7.5cm, 3 Flex Round Heads (5, 7 & 10gr)
  • PowerBait scented
  • Available in a Clear Water and Murky Water version
  • Adjust quickly to changing circumstances with different colours, sizes and weight
  • Different action baits help you to find the right lure for the right moment
  • Super sharp and strong Fusion19 hooks
  • A perfect kit for fishing perch and zander in various water types