Top Notch Tackle TNT Quick Release Spreader Block

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How often do you struggle with your landing net after you've landed a big fish, you either struggle to take the arms out of the spreader block or you have a 6ft landing net pole waving around the swim as you're trying to take the fish to the unhooking mat.

The Top notch Tackle Quick Release Spreader Block takes all that hassle away, simply land your fish and press the centre bar to release the net arms. This allows you to securely roll the net up ensuring the fish is safely carried to the mat and allows you to put the landing net pole out of the way where you won't trip over it !

Comes with a built in Isotope slot.

Manufactured in the UK

Top grade Stainless Steel

Suitable for landing net arms up to 12mm diameter

Perfect for 42" - 50" Nets