Middy Hi-Viz Shockcore Hollow Pole Elastic

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For many years, Hi-Viz has been recognised as the best elastic on the market. When Middy added the hollow 'Shockcore' version to their range, it was no surprise that it became very, very popular in a short amount of time. It is made from a special mix of creamed and centrifuged lattices that give it incredible strength and stretch as well as a super-soft action. The soft, amber centre is made from natural liquid latex which is extruded and cured, while the bright fluorescent colour-impregnated outer offers the perfect recoil. The range covers a variety of situations, all supplied on a 3-metre spool - 12-16 Red, 18-22 Blue and 26-30 Purple. The 26-30 is purpose designed for use with Middy's Xtreme series poles.