Middy Compacta Method Feeder & Mould

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The Compacta mould is a superb tool for loading method feeders with the same amount of bait every time. Hold the feeder mould in just one hand, while your other hand loads the cavity and presses down the feeder, then simply press the release button and drop out a perfectly formed loaded feeder into your palm! It loads Middy Gripper method feeders and other brands perfectly and its ergonomic one-hand release design is brilliant. Compacta moulds are available in a small size and a large size and both come with a FREE Gripper feeder and quick-bead in the packet! The Gripper is the perfect flat-bed method feeder with a special lead shape to grip the shelf and assist the cast, and radius on centre tube to eliminate line wear. The hookbait is ideally positioned; not crushed; and carp have total access to this area of the feeder. Combining Gripper feeders and Compacta moulds gives you the perfect flat-bed presentation. (Gripper feeders are available in four sizes/weights; Small 20g, Small 30g, Large 30g, Large 45g; in both in-line and elasticated versions.)