Middy 6" Pole Pellet Band 'Em Hook Links

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These barbless rigs give the perfect balanced set-up you require for fishing the pole in the popular 6-10m channel. The bands are purposely matched to hook sizes. On the smallest size 20, for example, you get a Nano size band allowing a pellet to be presented with even more finesse. 14 and 16 models are designed for big weights in the summer, or if you are having a more difficult day, when bites are a little more finicky, switch to the size 18 or 20. All are tied at a 6" length to our excellent KM-1 110 carbon hooks with Lo-Viz line and a specially twisted hair complete with band. Available in sizes 18 to 5.2lb, 16 to 5.2lb and 14 to 6.1lb.