Korum Snapper Squirlyz 8cm - CLEARANCE

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Squirlyz are a durable floating lure that enables you to fish with the popular finesse 'Ned Rigging' technique really effectively. The FLOATEX material is much softer than normal lures, yet resists any cuts and tears due to its stretchy compound. This bait is incredible – retrieve it slowly and let the Squirlyz tail twist and flutter.

Like other FLOATEX lures, Squirlyz stand straight up off the bottom due to their buoyancy, but it's the design of the tail that makes it truly special. The curly tail features a pintail spine, creating maximum motion with minimal movement. The chevron body design creates a darting action big predators cannot resist.

Pack of 3  8cm Squirlyz available in natural or mutant colours

*WARNING - Do not mix FLOATEX with other standard lures. The two materials will react with each other.