Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline 12lb

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- Legendary fluorocarbon main line
- 12lb breaking strain (0.33mm)
- Practically invisible
- Supple giving superb casting performance

It took three years of rigorous testing to develop a fluorocarbon main line that ticked all the boxes – one that casts unbelievably well, is invisibl ein water, sinks like a brick and is highly abrasion resistant. In fact, it’s pretty much all Danny Fairbrass uses.

Kontour, as it is known, is very soft compared to many other fluorocarbons, allowing it to quite literally peel from the spool smoothly as your lead flies through the air. This aids casting distance and accuracy.

It is also particularly heavy, ensuring that it sinks to the lake bed keeping flush and out of the carp’s way. It will be suitable for all manner of situations and due to its genuine knot strength will be strong, reliable and user friendly.

200 metres per spool